Dearest friends,

An Amazing God

God has done an amazing thing. We are safe in the country where we are working and all of our luggage is with us. When we arrived at the airport, we watched them scan and open many people’s bags. However, they did not even ask us a single question. All of our friends here say that it is a miracle this happened. Each of us was a pushing a cart with 4 pieces of luggage. Normally such a large amount of luggage would attract a great deal of attention. Truly God blinded their eyes. Thank you for praying.

Urgent Prayer

This country has a law which is making our ministry here extremely difficult. This law was passed about a year and a half ago but was not enforced when we last visited. However we are now in the capital city and the rules are different. The law states that if a person shares their faith in Christ in public venues then there is a punishment. We would be deported, but are friends would face escalating penalties. It is a humbling thought to realise that they are risking prison to share Christ with their children. Please pray that God will open doors so that we can share with the children. Please ask God to protect our friends from any punishment. We trust that all things are possible for God.


We will begin teaching our friends tonight how they can use the tools that we have brought. Please ask God to give them great vision and great skills.

Love in Jesus,

Linda for