Dearest Friends,

I am so excited at all that we are seeing God do. Some doors close to us before we even have an opportunity to do a show, but others are opening. Tomorrow, we will be at a school and do 4 shows. The next week, we will return to this school and do 2 more programs. This is a miracle. We should not be allowed to go to this school and share about Jesus, but we are going.

Our friends have a heart to serve God. They are risking everything they own and even their freedom so that these children and young people can hear about Jesus Christ. You must stand with them and with us in prayer. We are in a very difficult place, but the children and young people of this nation are in a worse place. Can you imagine growing up with no knowledge of God? Most have never heard His name.

Our friend that we are working with never heard God’s name until he went in the military and met a believer. He was the first to make fun of the Christian and now he is a pastor.

We desperately need you to pray and organize others to pray. We need doors to open, wisdom as we share, and protection for our friends. Please stay on your knees.

In Jesus, Linda for the team