Dearest Friends,


My heart broke at our last show yesterday evening. As soon as I said God’s name, children began to put their fingers in their ears. We talked about this problem with our ******* friends and we all felt that their parents must have told them to behave like this. However, we all agreed that we had the sound system turned up loud enough that they must have heard anyway.

Ironically, all of these children were from very difficult home situations where alcoholism, drug abuse, and poverty were common problems. Only Jesus can hold a child when he is alone at night and afraid. Please pray for the children who came to this show to trust in Jesus. Some of the parents were angry, even though all knew that we would tell a Bible story. Many others were visibly moved and touched by what they heard. I believe that they fear the power of the cross as they surely saw how some people responded. One lady named Victoria was very grateful for the program and her life is very broken. Please pray for her to find healing in Jesus arms. Please pray for God to hold open the door. Problems are expected by our friends.


The librarian invited us to do a program for local 5 and 6 year old children. Sam told the absolute best story and all of the children and almost all of the teachers loved it. Only 1 lady refused to smile and made faces at all of us. I told my testimony by drawing pictures. Oleg did a simple illusion with bubbles and Masha used a puppet to share their testimonies. Silvana put a large needle through a balloon and talked about God’s ability to do the impossible. Sam also juggled, the puppets sang, we made balloons, and did many other things. Best of all, every thing that we did, we used to talk about Jesus.

As I shared with one lady after the program, she began to weep. Big tears rolled down her face as she heard with her ears and her heart how Jesus Christ could meet all of her needs. Please pray for Lenna to trust in Jesus.


For our second show on the grounds of the seminary, the Lord gave us a beautiful day. So many people came, we had to go back and get more chairs. People even stopped by the fence that surrounded the grounds to listen. Most were not believers who had little or no knowledge of God. Tomorrow, Saturday, is our last opportunity to do a street show. Please pray for people to come and listen and for good weather.

Tonight, we finish training our team. This is our third time to meet together and train. All of us are confident that they will do a great job after we have gone. Pray for these friends to be brave and wise!

In Jesus,
Linda for the team
Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw