Dearest Friends,


We are having such incredible opportunities to tell people about Jesus. Today we did an open air show in a large market. Across from the puppet stage, they had dead chickens ready to buy for dinner. An appropriate number of flies were also present. The booths were small and close together and everywhere there were children. You could buy just about anything you wanted, including clothing. More than one hundred and fifty people gathered to listen to stories about Jesus and watch the puppets sing songs about Him. Many responded to the Gospel and prayed to receive Christ. Men, women, children and teenagers were present. Most of these people had never been to a church and would never plan on attending one. After we finished our friends handed out Christian literature with contact information so they could find a good church to attend. Please pray for the people who heard the Gospel today to remember what they heard and trust in Jesus Christ.


We never know when we plan to do a program what exactly God will do. Always I am amazed as I watch children respond to the good news about Jesus. So many children prayed today, calling on Jesus to save them, just like he saved Peter. They were amazed at Jesus walking on water, but I was more amazed at the way they listened. We were at a Christian school, but almost all of the children were from non-Christian homes. The director was so excited to see the way the children prayed. She desperately wants these children to know Jesus as their Savior. Please pray for the children to grow strong in their new faith.
For me, one of the sweetest things that happened today was when a little girl gave me her apple. It was part of her lunch, but she wanted me to have it. Elisabeth had asked Jesus to be her Savior and wanted to thank me. Please remember to pray for her.

Love in Jesus Linda for,

Logan Souther, Malachi Armstrong, Gerson and Fabiana Simioni, and the Chosica Team