Dearest Friends,


Lady is a beautiful little eight year old girl with long black hair and big brown eyes. After a puppet show yesterday at a Christian school, she came to me and said, “Why doesn’t my real father love me?” My heart broke. It was all that my friend Aricelly and I could do not to cry, but we both understood that she did not need our tears, she needed answers.

Her friend was standing beside her. Yandel was only six years old, very small, with long black braids. She said, “What can I do when my father is with other women?” How desperate these children must have been to speak to a stranger from another country who doesn’t speak Spanish! Only God’s Spirit can draw children like this.

For a long time we stood and spoke with the girls, giving them real answers to real problems. Both had asked Jesus to be their Savior. We lovingly explained how He could be the hope and peace they crave. I know that they left our time together with smiles and hope. More, we talked with other adults at the school and made sure that the girls would have help learning more about Jesus and how He could help them with their problems. Please pray for Yandel and Lady. Please pray for the dozens of children who trusted in Jesus at the school.


We would happily stay with our friends, but there is no room in their small homes for us and the equipment. I have struggled to explain to you the difference in a hotel here and in America. There are really no words. You cannot imagine the difference in standards. Our expectations are greatly altered. This is not a bad thing. We now consider hot water an amazing gift. If the room is just dirty, it is ok. We still struggle with really dirty.

Last night, we moved to a remote small town called Curahuasi. When they took me to my room, we all had a good laugh. There was a giant dead rat in the commode. Pastor looked and said, “Yes, the rats in Peru are very big.” I told him that I would stay in the room if they would just take the rat out. The owner said, “No, we will move you. The rat has this room, we will give you another.”

Beds are different too! One night last week, Malachi’s bed fell apart. The hotel owner called him “Gordo.” That word means fat in Spanish. Malachi is tall and thin, not fat. We all laughed!

We do not need an alarm clock. I have traveled or years in small towns and villages around the world, but these roosters were very loud. More, they sounded so strange, almost like someone was choking them. We will probably eat one of them for lunch today.

You have water in the bathroom sometimes. Different days at different times, the water disappears. Logan and I got up at four and five in the morning. Then, you have water.

As all of us deal with the differences in our lives here compared to our lives at home, God is growing in us a greater compassion. We are more grateful and notice small things. Please pray for us to keep our eyes on Jesus.


It is not even 11AM and already we have shared with over 1200 children. We have heard many praying out loud, asking Jesus to save them. Others came and told us that they prayed silently. We are working with a local pastor and he is thrilled. The children in these schools live very difficult lives. Many of them have mothers and fathers who are alcoholics and do not care for them. Some even live by themselves, since their parents have disappeared. Can you imagine being 8 or 10 years old and having to take care of everything yourself? Please pray for these children to come to the local church and learn more about Jesus.

In the late afternoon, we will do a show in the plaza. Please pray for our time in this place. There are many witches here and it is a very dark place. The children suffer greatly from neglect.

In Jesus, Linda for

Logan Souther, Malachi Armstrong, Gerson and Fabianna Simioni