Dearest Friends,


Two little boys came to the door of the bus as we stopped to buy water. Perhaps they were begging or just curious because they saw my white face. They were brave and started to climb the steps into the bus. Our friend handed them some bread and told them to leave. I knew they needed more than bread and that God had sent them to us so they could hear about Jesus who is the “Bread of Life.” As I shared with them the Father’s love, I made them each a balloon animal. Balloons are always a good tool to encourage children to stay and listen. Honestly, as I looked into their eyes and saw their deep hunger as they listened to the Gospel, I think that they would have stayed anyway. Still, the balloons did make them smile.

They were so small and dirty. They looked to be five years old, but could have been as old as eight. Pepe and Heraldo were alone on the streets. I don’t know if they have anyone to care for them. I do know that they left happy, with a full stomach and best of all, they left with the hope that only Jesus gives.

Please pray for Heraldo and Pepe to put their trust in Jesus. I don’t think they had ever heard about God’s love before we talked. They looked so amazed when I said that God knew their names. They smiled so big when I told them about Jesus. Don’t forget them. Pray!


We are so high in the mountains now. Yesterday, we drove three and half hours From Cusco and today, another hour. We arrived at Concacha after an amazing ride. We passed some old Incan ruins and saw mountains that gave us a new definition of high. The sky is so blue here and the air is thin. When I was praying with the children, I had to get down on my knees to keep from falling.

The people here do everything by hand. They carve small plots of earth from the side of the mountain. The houses are small, with only one to three rooms. They are built of mud and straw bricks with more mud spread across the outside. The floors are usually dirt. Outhouses dot the landscape. It is a hard life. Everyone’s faces are dry and sunburned looking. People age ahead of their years. There is little medical help. Unless a missionary team or a clinic visits, they have only their prayers. Those who do believe truly trust in Jesus. They have no one or nothing else to depend upon.

Today, hundreds of children gathered on a grassy field and put their trust in Jesus. The Andes surrounded us and God’s peace was so real to each one of us. What a great privilege we have been given! What an honor it is to be able to tell these Quechua children about Jesus Christ! I have been sick at my stomach since I ate my first Peruvian meal. Still, I am nothing but grateful that God would allow me to have this adventure.

Pray for these children. They are not important to the local churches. Pastor Thomas told us that the three churches here do not welcome the children. Pray for God to change their hearts. Pray for them to see the children!


I was interviewed last night for a radio station and a newspaper. These are two more opportunities to reach people for Jesus Christ. I recorded a special message to the parents, encouraging them to live Godly lives and to care for their children. Alcoholism is a big problem here. It is common for parents with these problems in these remote places to physically abuse their children. Pray that the Father will change their parents and give them hearts full of love.


Hundreds gathered last night on the plaza to watch a puppet show and so many trusted in Jesus. The pastor was very happy. Imagine hundreds of people in your country gathering in a park to hear about Jesus. Pray for this to happen!


Everyone comes to Peru to see Machu Picchu, but we would lose an entire day of ministry if we went there. However, today we drove past some remote Incan ruins called Saywite. The Peruvians could enter for free, but the cost for the Americans and the Brazilians was too much. Then a wonderful thing happened. The guard said that since we were missionaries and not tourists, we could enter for free!

We had an amazing time. I have pictures of me standing on top of the ruins with an amazing view of the blue sky and Andes behind me. It was awesome!

Best of all, we gathered together in the highest place and prayed for the children living in the valleys below us. We stood where once people were sacrificed to a false God and called on the One True God! Praise the Lord! Gloria a Dios!


Quechua ladies wear many skirts to stay warm in the high Andes. Today, I told the team that I am Quechua because I am wearing two skirts to stay warm. I think I look funny, but I am warm.

In Jesus, Linda for
Logan Souther, Malachi Armstrong, Gerson and Fabianna Simioni and the Chosica Team