Dearest Friends,


Today, we did a program at a missionary hospital staffed by doctors from Germany, Switzerland ,
Australia, and America. We saw God do the most wonderful thing! I was telling a room full of adults and some children about the people that came to see Jesus, how they had broken bodies and broken hearts. I told them how Jesus gave them hope and love and healed their broken hearts and their broken bodies.

As we finished the story people prayed with us, asking Jesus to be their Savior. It was just like in the story, people with broken hearts and broken bodies, finding total healing with Jesus. Praise God! Pray for these new believers to become bright lights for Jesus. We introduced the local pastor to all of them so that they have a good church to attend.

While the puppets were singing their last song, our bus driver Jose came to see me behind the stage. He had his birthday yesterday and we surprised him with a cake. We sang happy birthday to him in Spanish, then Portuguese and finally English! Jose is twenty-two. He was surprised and today at the hospital he surprised me.

As soon as I saw him standing behind the stage, I thought that he wanted to tell me something. He smiled and said, “Yo estoy feliz.” (I am happy.) Today, at the puppet show, Jose put his trust in Jesus. Please pray for him to grow strong in his new faith.
When we arrived at the hospital waiting room, everyone was frowning and sad. As they began to watch the program, they began to smile. The name of the hospital is Diospi Suyana which in Quechua means “we hope in God.” Truly He is our hope and our joy.

Do you remember the story of Pepe and Heraldo? God was kind to us. I was so sad not to have more time with the boys. Last night, they were at a kid’s club that we did. I was able to tell them the whole story. Please pray for these little boys.

In Jesus, Linda for

Logan Souther, Malachi Armstrong, Gerson and Fabianna Simioni and the Chosica Team