Dearest Friends,


Today we had planned to do three programs, but a teacher came and watched the first show. She begged us to come to her school, and so, we had four shows. We saw God do some amazing things today. All day long we were working at Catholic schools where the children were taught that they could be good enough for God. We were very grateful to have the opportunity to share with these children, that though none of us are good, God loves us and sent Jesus so that we could know God. The message was very well received, and we saw children come to faith in Christ today.

At one school, the teachers asked my name. I told them it was Linda. They said, “No, really, what is your name?” You see, Linda is the Spanish word for beautiful, and no one here is named Linda. Every time I say my name, I see smiles on the children’s faces. I know they must be thinking how strange it is that an old woman calls herself beautiful.

A group of teachers and a principal told me today that they liked my eyes. I explained to them that the eye is the window to the soul according to God’s word. I told them that I always pray and ask God to help the children see Jesus in my eyes. We had a very sweet conversation. Please pray for these teachers and this principal to put their trust in Jesus Christ.

All four shows today were very good, but it was at the last one where I truly felt God’s Spirit. At the first three shows, we faithfully obeyed the Father and shared with the children, but I will confess to you that we did not cover these programs with prayer as we should have. By the time we began the fourth show, we were exhausted. Our tiredness proved to be a great blessing. All of us began to pray with more enthusiasm, so we saw God move in a great way. At the last show, I heard children and teenagers calling on Jesus to save them. Children are eager to pray, but teenagers will rarely pray out loud. After the program finished, so many children lined up to thank me, and to give me hugs and kisses. Many wanted an autograph, which I thought was very funny. This experience reminded all of us that our strength is in God alone. Please pray for us to lean on Jesus at every single program, and to never rely on our own strength and ability. Please ask God to make all the children who trusted in Him to be bright lights for Him in this community.

A little girl named Tatyana came and spoke to me today after a program. She was so grateful for the story she had heard about Jesus Christ. She said, “ I love you so much!” It is so precious when a child thanks you for telling them about Jesus. I feel very rich!


Marie is my friend Donna Saune’s housekeeper. She is a wonderful cook and takes great care of us. After two weeks of traveling under difficult circumstances, we are all so grateful for the good food and kindness that she showers on us. Last night, her three sisters and her came to a training session that we did with the Chosica team. They had specific questions about how to use the ideas we shared in a Sunday school class, so we agreed to meet with the four of them tonight for special training. They listened so eagerly and took so many notes. I always carry with me extra equipment in the hope that I will find someone like this group of ladies. By God’s grace, we were able to give them some really good supplies to use in their Sunday school program. They were so grateful and again, I feel so rich.

In Jesus, Linda for

Logan Souther, Malachi Ar