Dearest Friends,


As I write these words, it is almost 11AM and we are finishing our second program. We have two more shows before lunch ,which will be very late today. We are having the most wonderful time. The children love the program! They smile, they laugh, and they call on Jesus! Sometimes, they sing with the puppets.

One teacher explained to me that so many of the children that we are with each day are from terrible places where home is not a safe place. She said that they get by as best they can. I was thinking about what she said today as I looked at the children. They were all smiles as they enjoyed the puppets and listened to the story and testimonies. It is no small thing to give a child a smile. It is a much better thing to tell them about Jesus. We are so blessed, but so very tired.

Please pray for the children to love Jesus with all their hearts. Please ask the Father to give us a few more days of strength. One of the young women on the Chosica team could see that I was tired today. She said, “Remember, you are Linda warrior.” This is a very funny thing to say to an old person who walks with a cane. However, God used her encouragement to give me all the strength that I needed. We prayed before every show and the Father is so faithful! We finished all 4 shows with joy! So many children and even teenagers trusted in Jesus today. I have no words for the wonder that fills me as I see the Lord call children to Himself.l


We are in Chosica and it is a wonderful place to be doing ministry. However, life here is hard for many people There is a constant cloud of dust, so thick that it often obscures the mountains. Everything is dirty. It only rains twice a year, but if it does rain that is a big problem because there are mud slides. Lives can be swept away, as well as possessions. Several people have told me that they prefer the dirt to the rain.

You seldom see a finished house or building. People build as they have money, so there is often a floor under construction.

The children are very different fom the ones that we were with in the mountains. They have grown up near Lima, a major city, and are overall not as grateful or well behaved as the children that we spent the last 2 weeks with in the higher mountains. That in no way diminishes my desire to share with them! I just want you to know how to pray!

In Jesus,Linda for an amazing group of puppeteers!