We have been doing many shows in this area, mostly with children in difficult places. A little 10 year old girl sat on the front row at a program. She listened so sweetly and called on Jesus to be her King, asking God to forgive her. Then, she came and asked me, "Please, can I live with you?" My heart broke for her and all that she suffers. How desperarate she must be to ask a complete stranger to taker her home!

This little one lives in one of the worst places in Baltimore. When, I opened the door to get out for the show, there was an empty whiskey bottle on the ground. In this area, there are more liquor stores and drug dealers than anything else. Prostitution is also a big problem. It is not a safe place for children. However, God is kind to these children in that they are hungry for the Gospel. More, they get so excited when they hear a Bible story.

As I began to tell the story of Jesus calmimg the storm, they listened. When Jesus spoke and the storm calmed, they began to clap and cheer. Three times they loudly cheered as Jesus did miracles. I think that these children can teach us many lessons. Why don’t we who claim to be God’s people become excited as we listen to Bible stories? I want to have this kind of enthuiasm for God’s word. I want these children to grow up with hope!

Please pray for all of these little ones to fall deeply in love with Jesus. Ask the Father to keep them safe and to protect their hearts from the evil one’ attacks. They live in a place that you would not be comfortable driving through. They need your prayers. They need Jesus!


As always, we are having difficulties as equipment breaks that should work fine. More, we have had our car in the shop for 3 days as we lost the transmission the other day. This was a very expensive, unexpected expense for the puppet ministry. A supporting church helped us with part of the cost, but I would ask you to pray for the difference.

Worse, we had no way to do shows. God blessed us through the sacrificial kindness of friends who voulunteered their car. They loaned us the very same car that I normally pull the trailer with and it had the same light plug and trailer hitch. Praise God!Though they wish to remain nameless, I am eternally grateful for their sacrifice. Without their kindness, we could not have shared with so many children and would have missed 6 shows. Please ask the Father to bless them as they have blessed us!

In Jesus,Linda for Malachi, Naiomi, and Lindsey