Yesterday afternoon, I saw the Father do the sweetest thing. We were in a very difficult place for children. I was told that the police and fire departments do not want to go into this area and many of the areas where we have been doing programs. The homes are very small, all connected to each other. They are called row homes and about every third one was boarded up. Some of those still had signs on them offering them for rent.

As I went into the building where we were going to do the program,I heard 2 adults talking. They were using so many curse words, that I could not understand what their conversation was about. Little children walked by them without comment. This is a hard place to be a child. Everything that they see and hear is ugly. The director loves these children and really cares that life is so hard for them.

The reality is that the world these children know will not change. It is a loud and noisy place. There is no peace in this place, When I look out my window at home, I see fields and trees, I can hear birds singing. These children see gangs and watch women selling themselves. It is normal to see drugs being sold and see people drunk. Children do not live with 2 parents and many of their parents never married.

As I was telling the story yesterday, I described how Joseph’s brothers treated him. I said,"They were his family, but they betrayed him. They hurt him and did not care for him. All they could think about was themselves." As I spoke, a precious little girl with lots of bright colored beads in her hair listened intently. She nodded her head to everything that I said. What is her life like? What does her family do to her? God knows her name. Please pray for her. Yesterday, she put her trust in Jesus and found the Father she so desperately wanted.

We heard so many children praying. All of them need your prayers! I believe that the nice lady that we met will encourage them in their faith. She gave me permission to pray with them, knowing that they need Jesus, Praise God for such a wonderful opportunity to be light in the dark. Please continue to pray for these children and all of the others that we have been telling about Jesus.

Each day for us is a great adventure as we share with so many children, doing 2 or 3 programs each day. Today, Tuesday, is our last day to work in Baltimore’sinner city. Please pray!

1.A lady watched the program and then asked me if I did birthday parties. I explained that I was 12 hors of driving from home, so I did not think that I could come.
2.These children understand little about God and so they say ask some funny questions. One child asked me if I had known God since He was born. I looked very old to him.
3.As I told the story of Joseph, I said,"What can you do when you are little and afraid?" Immediately, a little boy shouted out, "Call child protection services." Another little boy said, "Beat the **** out of them."
4.Georgraphy is a mystery to these kids, As I put a hat from Turkey on a little girl at the start of the program, a little boy started to laugh. He said ,"Turkey? I eat turkey. It’s good!" I often get asked if I drive to places in Euorpe or Asia. I smile alot!

In Jesus,Linda for Malachi, Naomi, and Lindsey