Dearest Friends,


I still have so many amazing stories to share with you about what we saw the Lord do in Baltimore, Maryland and in many cities in the Smoky mountains of Tennesee. You are going to love these stories and have more reasons to thank God for His love toward so many children and adults. Praise God!


Yes, we did a show for 50 homeless men and 25 other men who were learning to live a different way. Okay, I can guess that you are thinking the same thing that the men who came were thinking. I heard them complaining that they were being forced to watch a puppet show just so they could eat and sleep for the night. As I was listening to the grumbling before the show, I began to pray, asking God to make me wise.
After talking with the Father, I decided that the best way to deal with this problem was not to ignore it, but admit to the men that I had heard their complaints. I said, “Gentlemen, I know that you are unhappy, but I beg you please to listen for just 5 minutes and see if God might use us to speak to you.” Then, I began to tell them stories about the children that we serve. It is an unbelievably tough man that can resist the suffering of children. Though these men had experienced very rough lives, some had even been in prison, I watched as their attitude changed. First, they smiled, then laughed, and finally some prayed in soft whispers, calling on Jesus to save them. Awesome!
All of the men were very encouraging to the young people as they shared their testimonies. More, they all clapped at the finish and gave us a standing ovation. What a change God had made in their attitudes. Who would believe that God could use such simple, foolish things for His purposes?
One man pressed a handmade cross into my hands as he thanked me. He said, “Your face is full of light. Thank you for coming.” We all felt that we left that place with the men giving more to us than we could give to them. The Father had blessed all of us!
Please pray for the men at the Helping Up Mission and their Director in Baltimore. This is a very hard place and God is faithfully calling many to faith. I have all hope for these men because I see in my own life how God does not give up on me and deals with my sin. Pray!

The Christian Community Center

This is another very special ministry in Baltimore. For so very many years, The Christian Community Center has loved the families in this very hard part of Baltimore. I always love doing a show for these children as they are always grateful. One little girl especially blessed my heart as she came and told me that she remembered the story that we had told last year. I had given her the pictures and she had them all on the walls of her room. More, she was excited to get a new story to add to her collection. Her enthusiasm for God’s stories made my heart sing.


Each year, 20 million people make this area of Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains their vacation destination. Why would we go there to do shows? Well, we were not there for a vacation, though our friends did treat us to a free game of PuttPtt golf and go cart rides. I really loved the go cart rides though I was going so slow that people were pointing at me and laughing. More, I was the only white haired old lady on the track. We were also treated to a special time enjoying God’s creation on the river as we tubed thanks to the kindness of a prayer partner.

Yes, this area is full of tourist attractions, but it also has so many children that are not a part of this world. Many are from broken homes and too many are being raised by their grandparents. We shared with hundreds and hundreds of children. Sometimes, when we were allowed to pray, we heard children softly praying. Others told us that they had prayed.

One little boy touched my heart. I was talking to the children about how God loves them and cares for them. He raised his hand and said, ”My Grammy loves me.” He could understand God’s love because his grandmother loved him.

So many children welcomed us and told us that they remembered us from last year. More, they remembered the stories that they had heard. Children said, “You told me about Jesus!” I can not think of a better way to be remembered! Gofd is so good to me!


1. Please begin to pray for our time in Ireland as we leave on the 14th of August. September will find us in Uganda.
2. After receiving so many notices from friends and churches that are cancelling their support or greatly reducing it due to our current economy, you probably think that this request would be devoted to that problem, but no. I am completely sincere in asking you for a more important request that supersedes economic concerns. I have felt a real urging from the Father to ask that our prayer support be doubled. Presently, 1341 people receive our letters and it is because of their faithful prayers that so many children all over the world hear about Jesus. I beg you to contact your family and friends and ask them to pray for us. Prayer is the key to everything. I want to see this list doubled in the next 12 months. You can help! Please, with your friend’s permission, send me their email addresses. Talk with them about the children that we serve. Think about all that we have seen this past year. What will God do as we increase our prayers for the children?

In Jesus, Linda for all of us who have the delight of sharing with the children, teenagers, and adults in the world