We are in one of the most beautiful places, surrounded by mountains, incredible views and hurting children. This area is a major tourist destination, but not without needs. We are doing 10 programs for children in this area, only 2 were at a church. Please pray for these times with the children. Ask the Father to open every door and call many to Himself.

No, this is not the view that the children in inner city Baltimore have, but their needs are the same. I talked one on one with so many children yesterday after the show. Some children asked me if they could come with me. One little girl begged me for the pictures after the show. She especially wanted the the page that had the broken heart and the healed heart. It was an illustration that I used to explain to the children how they could know Jesus. I told them how Jesus could heal their hearts and give them hope and love. More, He can take away their fear. I asked her why she wanted that particular picture. She told me that it spoke to her heart.

A little girl with a big smile came to me yesterday and said, "I remember you! You came last year. You told me about Jesus!’ My heart wanted to sing! She remembered what she heard.

Ask the Father to help these little girls and all the children that we speak to today to hear Jesus. Ask the Father to hel their broken hearts!

In Jesus, Linda for Lindsey, Naomi, and Malachi