Dearest Friends,


Everyone is quick to tell you that Europeans are not interested in the Gospel. However, hundreds and hundreds of people who stood on Grafton street this afternoon and tonight would prove that statement false. Many stayed for more than one set with the band and the puppets. What a wonderful miracle!

This great blessing was not without opposition as the Irish police stopped us after only an hour in the afternoon, despite the fact that we were legally there. In the evening, they encouraged us to keep going and showed us favor. In the last few days, we battled wind that threatened to make our stage a giant box kite. We trusted the Father to keep us warm and to stop the rain so that we could share. We truly found the joy of the Lord to be our strength as all of us grew tired from sleeping on church floors. Tonight the Lord lovingly removed the drummers who played louder every time that we tried to share last night. All of the harassing drunks were even absent tonight.

The following are just some of the awesome things that we saw the Father do. It is now past 1:30 in the morning here and I must be up in hours for church, so I will just share a little bit tonight and the rest in my next email.


A lovely lady named Lauren who was out for an evening with her friends stopped and listened to the program tonight. After I finished telling the story, she came over to speak to me. She said that she had heard something that she had never heard before and wanted to talk. I shared my testimony with her and talked with her for a long time. I told her that she could ask Jesus to be her Savior and her king right now. She told her friends to wait and prayed with me, calling on God to forgive her and asking Jesus to be her Savior. Then she said, “I believe! I believe!” Please pray for her as she discovers who Jesus is in her life.


Josie and Cathleen grew up in a church, but were drawn to the songs and stories that they heard tonight. They talked with me for quite a while and listened intently as I shared with them how Jesus had written His love across every page of my life and wanted to do the same for them. Please pray for these sweet ladies from London and Dublin who need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


An Italian family that had seen our show in Galway came to me after we finished and said,”My children heard the story but cannot understand it. They beg me to tell them what you say. I cannot follow the words.They want to know the story, please.”We agreed that I would send him an email with the story written out in English so that he could take his time and translate it. Is there anyone who can write the story for me in Italian so that I can be sure that his little girls hear the story of Jesus?

Rejoice with us and continue to pray for us as we share in a church and then travel to the north.

In Jesus, Linda for all the puppeteers and the band