Dearest Friends,


Each afternoon and evening as we shared on the street, we had friends out in the crowd who were talking with people. In truth, we have more stories than can be written. God called hundreds and hundreds to stop and listen. Thousands of people heard about the hope that only Jesus gives as the 10 days of touring finished.

The band passed out over 5,000 free CDs of their music and a testimony on the streets. Time and again we heard the same statement. People said “I’ve never heard these stories before. There is something different about your faces. What is it you have?”

1)Raymond is a Nigerian man who was offended by the hypocrisy that he saw in his family that professed to be Christian. He hated God. After an hour of conversation with our friend Padraig, he began to see the difference between real faith and empty words.

2)After we left Galway, a lady that we had talked with on the street went to the church that we were working with and planned to start attending services. Praise God!

3)We saw many people standing on the street reading the Christian literature that the band and churches provided.

4)James was a man who was into spiritualism who was very confused about the source of the power behind those beliefs. He did not understand anything about Satan. Many here are devoted to beliefs that they do not realize are much more than non-Christian. They dismiss God, but also fail to recognize Satan’s influence in their lives.

5)Many times on the street, I told the story of the prodigal son. I was amazed at how responsive people were to the idea that God their Creator waits to welcome them home and become God their Father.

6)One friend that we met 2 years before on the street in Dublin came to see us. When last we saw him, he was homeless and had not trusted in Jesus as his savior. He wanted us to know that he had become a Christian and now has a home. When I asked him how it happened, he stated that he had no choice. God pursued, he won! Please hold him in your prayers.


There are so many homeless people on the streets in Ireland and the numbers are growing. Two young girls, in their late teens, settled into sleeping bags on Grafton Street and spent the night. We came across them as we were setting up for a show and they were sound asleep. At some point of the program, one of them woke up and left with a young man.

I overheard a conversation that broke my heart. She had sold herself for a diet coke and something to eat. I wanted to weep, but more I wanted to do something. Anna and I went to buy food for them that we could help and tell them about Jesus. As we returned with the food, the Guarda (the police) were dragging them away.

I cannot get their faces out of my mind. Please pray for these 2 young girls to discover real love at the foot of the cross. God knows their names. Only Jesus can restore their dignity and give them hope. Only faith in Christ can give them a sense of worth and purpose. Please ask the Father to send believers to them who can help them and tell them about Jesus.


In hours, we leave for the airport. We will arrive home on Wednesday afternoon after 4 in the afternoon. As our Irish friends say, “ Pray us safe home.”


Only in heaven will the Father give Sam and Silvana Shaw and the members of Reality the true reward that their labors have earned. The team and I have spent the last 2 and a half weeks traveling with heroes, people who love Jesus with Passion. I am eternally grateful to all of them for the privilege!

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Thank you for praying!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam Shaw- Assistant director
Silvana Shaw
Naomi Armstrong-USA team member
Joe Streett
Alex Chaney