Dearest Friends,


We are nearing the end of our adventure, traveling across Ireland with our band friends in Reality. Now, we are in Dublin and sharing with hundreds of people at each program. It is wonderful! All of us are so excited.
In truth, we represent 4 ministries. We have directors of 3 puppet teams (France, Ireland, and America) and the band. I love how the Father lets us work together. There is the sweetest spirit among us, no competition, just a desire to serve and be a blessing. We truly enjoy one another’s company. No matter how rough it is on the street, we always have each other’s fellowship to remind us that we always have His fellowship! God is so good to us!


1. Please pray for us as we are doing 2 sets of street shows on Grafton Street in Dublin today, Saturday.
2. Please pray , asking the Father to give us a good spot to set up our equipment, where there are good crowds.
3. Please pray for safety as there are some very broken people on the streets. The drunks are out at afternoon and very aggressive.
4. Please pray for patience and a sweet spirit for all of us .Last night, a drunk man wanted to dance with me. We all need to show God’s grace as we deal with these situations.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Silvana, Naomi, Joe, Alex, and Anna