Dearest Friends,


Tomorrow, September 23rd, we begin a new adventure. God has opened a wonderful door for us. We will have the opportunity to work in Uganda for the first time. It is a beautiful country that Winston Churchill once called’ "the pearl of Africa."
It embraces Lake Victoria, source of the white Nile river, and the misty Ruwenzori Mountains, home of the endangered Mountain Gorillas. In Uganda. creation screams God’s existence and presence, but so many children do not know Him. They are surrounded by spectacular creation but blinded to its wonders because they live such broken lives. Aids, extreme poverty, and years of civil unrest have left terrible scars on people’s lives. There have even been riots in the streets of Kampala, where we are going, in the last 2 weeks. Please pray for us to be a bright light in the midst of such great darkness. Please pray for us to love the children we meet with the Father’s love. Please pray for us to see with Jesus’ eyes! and keep our eyes on the cross!


There is 1 more story from Ireland that I want to share with you. I recommend to you the faith and witness of a little 8 year old boy names Brandon. He is the son of a band member and did puppets with us on the streets every day. He did a great job, but it was his sweet testimony that encouraged my heart. He would stand in front of huge crowds and say, "Hi, my name is Brandon and I love Jesus." I know many teenagers and adults that do not have such courage. May his good example lead us all to be bold for our King!

I have been home only a little over 2 weeks from Ireland and had the sweetest opportunities to do puppet shows locally. I love what Jesus does in the lives of children and have been thrilled to see children trust Jesus as we shared in local Churches. Please conact me if you are interested in us coming to your church this fall! simply reply to this e-mail.


Summer was welcomed into this world by his parents, Josh and Teresa Summer on August 8th at 3:09 pm. please pray for him to come to faith as a very little boy. Ask God to give him a passion for the cross. He is so beautiful! God is so good to me!

In Jesus,
for the Ugandan team,
Sam Shaw
Jared Bolstridge
Randy Burlow