I am in Africa! Every time I have the opportunity to write those words, I am struck by the sweet privilege that the Father gives us. I love what He does and I feel so honored to be able to participate in His plans.

The view from my window is spectacular! I can see Lake Victoria, the biggest lake in Africa, and a panoramic view of the town of Entebbe. There are banana trees and very strange sounding birds. Randy says that he heard a monkey, but since none of us saw a monkey, we wonder if Randy knows what one sounds like. It is warm,but there is a pleasant breeze.

I am praising God for His beautiful creation. In all I see,I am reminded of His great love. Please pray for us to explain God’s great love and mercy to these children. There is so much pain here amidst such natural beauty and we know the one who heals. I want these children to fall deeply in love with Jesus. Pray!


Though this is not common here, it is practiced in several areas in Uganda. Today, I met another missionary who told me a story of a little boy at the school near here. He was a very good student and loved to go to school. When he did not return for classes, the teachers feared the worst. Later, he returned to school and they heard an amazing story of God’s providence in his life.

He was taken by the witch doctors for a sacrifice. They tell people that such evil will bring them more money or power. However, the sacrifice must be without blemish. Isn’t that interesting? The lies of the darkness imitate the truth of the light. The little boy had had surgery and had a big scar. God used this scar to save his life. He returned to school, but that is not the happy ending for other children.

As I listened to what happens to these children, I was so broken. After our friend left, I began to cry. I want so much to speak for these children who have no voice. I want you to know their story so that you will pray for them! I want the Lord to use us to be light for the children, the witch doctors and those who follow them. The children and the witch doctors have the same problem. They are all just like you and me. They need Jesus.


Six hundred children gathered in a field to watch the puppet show. They were so quiet as they listened to the story and so many called on Jesus, asking Him to be their Savior and King. We were so excited! Please pray for them to grow strong in their new faith.

Our new friend pastor Sam was very excited and wanted us to give his Sunday school teachers lessons. More, he scheduled our new puppet team for big outreach to over a 1000 people at the end of October. We do not actually start training the new team until tomorrow, Saturday. Pray that they will learn quickly!

Also pray for shows in Harriet community tomorrow.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Randy, and Jared