Kalule and Kawaya are two little boys who really want to go to school, but their home is very broken. Their father is a drunk and their mother is described as insane by some and demon possessed by others. These little boys came to Sunday School at a church that we are worked with today. Earlier this year, they put their trust in Jesus. They wanted so much to go to the small Christian school, but they had no hope of getting an education.

Kalule and Kawaya, Amos and Henry are their English names, decided to earn the money. They would not give up. So Henry, the older brother of 10 or 11, began to dig ditches. For a long hard time of labor he received 2,000 Ugandan shillings, about one dollar and a few pennies. School cost $75 each for a year of school. That covers porridge to eat, uniforms, books, and pencils.

Already they have missed the first month of school this term, but Henry keeps trying. These two little boys have real faith and a good work ethic. I believe hat they need to be in school. Will someone please bless these little boys with a year of school? We need only $150. You could easily think that surrounded by such poverty and so much need, these two small boy’s problems are not important. I promise you that this is a very big problem to Amos and Henry and an opportunity for you to teach them about God’s providence. Who might they grow up to be? How might they touch Uganda for Jesus Christ?


While Thomas, Sam, Jared, and Randy walked around inviting children, others began to gather in front of the little church in the Harriet Community. A sweet teacher began to sing with them. They sang with the biggest smiles, "We are marching in the light of God." Then they started to jump up and down, singing, "I will be jumping for the Lord." They were so enthusiastic! I loved their singing.

I loved it even better when so many children and adults came to the program that they had to go to their homes and bring chairs. People stood on the street and listened! The church was thrilled. All of the people who would not come inside their church were gathered outside the church hearing about Jesus Christ. Awesome!


I really loved this show! We set up in a village’s main trading area, where there were several things that we were trying not to step in. Thomas, our translaor, was not successful. So many children gathered on a hilltop right in front of us. Lots of adults were sitting on the ground behind them and even the street was lined with people who were listening. All were unaware of the problems that I could not ignore. They were so hungry to hear about Jesus.

However it was the men in the bar across the street that amazed me. When we started the program they all stopped shooting pool and sat on the table to listen the entire program.

The children responded to the Gospel so sweetly. We heard them praying out loud. Your prayers are touching so many children in Uganda! Thank you!

In Jesus, Linda for Randy,Sam, Jared, and Thomas