A dear friend of the puppet ministry, Lynn Wofford died yesterday and is home with Jesus. Her husband Phil often works on the computers for the ministry and has faithfully fixed so many things for us since Mike went home.They have been good friends to us for decades. Lynn died suddenly of an aneurysm.

She loved to sing praises to her King! After Mike went home, she and Phil told me that they felt challenged by Mike’s life to take a mission trip. In the past few years, they have taken several trips and been a blessing to many. Please hold Phil and their son Adam ,who grew up with our sons, in prayer. She blessed my life. I am so grateful that my friend loves Jesus and is home with her heavenly Father!

Today our team will share with several hundred children, teenagers, and adults and train our new team. I am very sad for all of Lynn’s family and friends, very happy for her! I can not think of a sweeter way to honor my sister in Christ than to spend this day pointing people to our King! Pray!


I am so blessed to tell you that Henry and Amos have 2 years of school provided through several friends kind response to the email we sent last night. We can not accept further help for these boys at this time, but will be very thankful for your prayers! What a sweet lesson for them that though their earthly Father does not care for them, their heavenly Father will take care of them. Praise God!


So many of the children that come to our shows are orphans. Some have families that are so broken they simply abandoned them. Alcoholism is a big problem here. Many lost their parents to AIDS. All are hurting.

Often the fathers simply abandon the families. So many children here have never known the love of a father. Can you imagine how their hearts must quicken when they here that there is a Father who loves them? Please pray for these little ones to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior so that they can know the Father’s love.

In Jesus,Linda for Sam, Randy, Thomas, and Jared