Pastor Charles is a very sweet man who loves Jesus and loves children. He and his wife will be the leaders of the new puppet team here. He has an amazing testimony of God’s providence in his life.

Charles was born and grew up in Rakai, Uganda where AIDS started in Uganda; some say it is the epicenter for Africa. He was born one of 12 children and saw both of his parents and 9 of his brothers and sisters die very quickly.

His mother’s sister sent word to his mother and offered to save the life of one of her children. She chose to send Charles to his aunt who lived far away from Rakai. More, his aunt loved Jesus. Her effort not only saved Charles’ life, she gave him real life because he met Jesus Christ through living with her.

Today, Charles told me that he believes God saved him to serve the children. Please pray for him. He and his wife live so simply, in just two tiny rooms. One room doubles as the church office. They share their bedroom with three small children. All day today he told me again and again how good God had been to him. May God make us all to have such a sweet spirit.

You cannot imagine his enthusiasm and the new puppet team’s enthusiasm for all the equipment they are receiving. It represents a gift that they cannot believe. Those of you who gave to the puppet ministry for this trip have touched thousands of children with the Gospel. Our new team will share with the Gospel. Our new team will share with tens of thousands of children. Many schools here have over 500 children and all of the schools are open for them to come and present the Gospel. Praise God!


These are the names of five lovely girls who are sharing a single room. Our pastor friend rents it for them so that they can hide from their families. When they came to faith in Jesus, their Muslim parents promised to kill them. They had to run away and hide. Please pray for these young girls to grow strong in their faith. Ask the Father to keep them safe.


This is how you say "Praise the Lord" in Ugandan. We have so much to praise God for as we see such wonders in Uganda. The children are eager to listen and hungry for hope. This is an awesome place to serve! Yes, the mosquitos and large, it is warm, and roads sometimes resemble amusement park rides. However, no one is more blessed than we are! Thank you for sending us!


1) The area where we are working is 70% Muslim. Please pray for us to be wise and loving with the children. Please pray for God to call many Muslim children to Himself.

2) On Thursday of this week we travel to Rakai, where the AIDS epidemic began in Uganda. Everyone has many heartbreaking stories as so many died. We know the heartmender. Please pray for these children to trust in Jesus. Please pray for our team to have sweet spirits as we expect to have traveling and housing difficulties. This is a desperately poor area.

3) Please pray for all of the children who trusted in Jesus today as they sat in the grass an dirt on a high hill overlooking the city of Entebbe.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Randy, and Jared