Dearest Friends,


Many of you responded to our urgent request for prayers that we called in from Uganda 2 days ago. Thankyou!I want you to know how the Lord mightily answered your prayers.

We were able to do 4 shows yesterday, working in schools with over 1,500 children and teenagers. In 2 of the schools the children were taught that they could be good enough to get themselves to God. It was especially sweet to tell these children that God knows that we cannot help ourselves and hear them calling on Jesus to save them. Children whose families deal with witch doctors and Muslim children watched our programs. As God our Father called many to faith, we heard hundreds and hundreds of children calling on Jesus to save them.

Even the teachers were excited as they heard the Gospel and begged us to come again.

Praise God!

I always make a point to go to the children and touch their hands or faces and thank them for coming after a show. I smile at them and give them hugs. I encourage them to remember what they heard and put their trust in Jesus. They always smile at me and push to come closer.

These children live in misery. Every child I saw was dirty and many that I touched felt as though they had a fever, but is the smiles that the Lord put on their faces that I will remember and cherish.

I expect to see many of these little ones in heaven. The life expectancy here is 44 and too many die as children. Life for these children is often short, but through faith in Jesus, their lives will have hope and they will know love.

Such wonders were not without a price. As your prayers increased, so did our opportunities and the attack that the enemy sent. The man that we were working with for these few days had no vision for reaching children for Jesus even though he was a pastor. So, he made our job very difficult by failing to organize transportation for us. Since our heart’s desire was to reach the children, we had only one choice. The guys carried our equipment with the help of some of the children and we walked to our first 2 shows. The second show was a very good walk.

I cannot describe to you our exhaustion as we did 4 successive shows before we stopped. Nor can I explain what standing in full sun for the first 3 shows did to us. We gave the little bit of shade to the children so that they could listen better.
However, I can tell you that the Father absolutely gave us the strength that we needed. The fourth story that I told was the strongest of the day. This is not possible except through prayer!

Sam, Jared, and Randy were amazing! No one ever complained. They put their eyes on Jesus and on the needs of the children.This is a very faithful team and we are blessed.

Later today, I will send out a second email, but for now I have more work to do. We are preparing the equipment that we will give to our wonderful new puppet team. Please keep praying!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Jared, and Randy