Dearest Friends,


We spent our last day in Uganda doing two programs at an orphanage for children with AIDS. It is run by an English charity. All of the children and us nearly washed away at the end of our first show when the rainy season hit full force. Two mothers from the nearby village came to see the program with their children. They stayed all day until they could see the second program.

Everyone was so excited at the afternoon show. The children and adults cheered and clapped when Jesus calmed the storm. I heard some praying in soft whispers. It was an awesome finish! God is good!


I wish that you could have seen the unmasked joy that our friends had as they received the equipment. Please pray for Glory Puppets to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. They are sweet and wonderful people!


There are some things that you can never forget, things that change you forever. The other day I watched a young man of 17 or 18 drag himself across a dirt yard so that he could listen to our program. I was telling the story that day of the many miracles that Jesus did. I told the children that Jesus saw that the people who came to see Him had broken bodies and broken hearts. I told them how only Jesus can heal broken hearts. I told them about God’s love and forgiveness. Please pray for this young man to remember what he heard and put his trust in the Great Healer.


If you want to help meet the physical needs that are so big here, please contact Clark McNutt who is the Director of a ministry that provides clean water to villages. More, he explains to them about Jesus Christ and how He can change their lives. Contact information: We recommend this ministry to you with all our hearts!


Tomorrow, Friday, we will begin our journey home. Friday night we will stay with our dear friends in South Hampton, Helen and Ian Thompson. Many of you will remember David, their son, who served faithfully with Mike and I for many years. We will enjoy a sweet time of fellowship and then fly out of London Saturday. Our flight is scheduled to arrive in Atlanta, GA at 7 PM EST Saturday evening. Please pray us "safe home".

In Jesus,
Linda for Jared, Sam, and Randy