Dearest Friends,


The Father is so kind to us! We arrived safely, with no problems at customs. The visa that I needed at the airport here was not a problem. None of the equipment was damaged in transport.
Even all of our equipment was transferred in Frankfurt to our plane which was such a wonder because we were on the ground only 40 minutes in Frankfurt before transferring to our next flight. I was so relieved as I looked out the airplane window and saw them loading our puppet stage. Thank you for praying!


Our friend that we are working with in this country is a lovely young woman with a real passion for telling children about Jesus. She has organized a wonderful schedule, including many opportunities to share with children, teach national children’s workers and even speak to a women’s group. There are other doors that the Lord is opening that I will share with you about during the week. Please pour prayer on these programs as we are in a Muslim nation where many object to the Gospel. We want to be a light in the dark. I desperately want these children to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray!


As you gather on Sunday morning to worship with no fear of persecution that our friends in this part of the world face daily, would you please have a special time of prayer for the work this week. We need great wisdom. If a child comes to faith here, he or she cannot tell their Muslim parents. There are some doors we have open to us that will require us to choose our words very carefully. We will not compromise the wonder of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice, but we must be wise. As all of us call on the Father, together we will share with these precious children.

We are staying in a very nice place with brothers and sisters from many places in the Middle East. At our first meal together last night, we heard stories from a man who works near Iran. He told us about the hunger that he has seen in Muslims for the Good News. More, he spoke of huge numbers of people who put their trust in Jesus. Awesome!
The food was delicious! We enjoyed tomatoes and cucumbers with chicken sausages flavored with nutmeg. The best part of the meal was that we were eating with brothers from so many countries that I have only read about. Now, I see faces and hear personal stories. I am thrilled to be here!

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In Jesus,

Linda for Sam and Silvana Shaw
(Yes, there are just the 3 of us on this trip)