Dearest Friends,

I am so excited and need you to pray! We are leaving today to work in 2 countries in the Middle East. We will not be able to poat pictures until we return. Some of the people that we will be working with walk with Jesus in very difficult places. They risk everything to serve the Lord. It is humbling to have this great privilege! Hold them in your prayers!

I have so enjoyed my time in the USA. During December, I had the joy of having around 500 children, teenagers, and adults tour my home. I shared with all of them about Jesus and the real story of Christmas. Some of them were from difficult homes and broke my heart when they asked if they could live with me. They had never met me before. They wanted me to be their mother or grandmother. Sometimes they asked the most incredible questions and opened the door wide for the Gospel. I saw children come to faith! Praise God!

I have spoken at many churches and shared during puppet shows at many places this past month and a half. We all especially enjoyed sharing with a group of mentally handicapped adults who functioned as young children. At an Awana program, we heard children praying out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. God is very kind to us!

I am rested and ready to run this race that the Father has lovingly set before us. Please pray with enthusiasm!

In Jesus ,Linda for the team

Please note that only Sam and Silvana Shaw are traveling with me on this trip.