Dearest Friends,


The Father gave us the most wonderful day! There was not the expected change in the schedule and we were able to do 3 puppet shows. Praise God!

Our first 2 programs were at a Christian school where 90% of the children are Muslim. They come to the school so that they can receive a good education. We spoke with many of the teachers there and the principal. All shared how they hoped that the children would receive more than a good education. Their great desire is for them to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. We had total freedom as we shared with the children and were allowed to pray with them. In both programs, we heard the children praying out loud, calling on God to forgive them and Jesus to save them.

They were so sweet and showered us with their gratitude. I received so many hugs! We spent their breaks talking with many of them after the programs. They asked lots of questions and several wanted Silvana and I to take them home with us.
The teachers told us that many of the children were living in very difficult places. Divorce is common and easy here for a Muslim man. He must simply say, I divorce you , four times in the presence of witnesses. Since it is so easy, many of their mothers were always fearful, making home a difficult place.

Too many were from broken homes and really wanted a father. They had spoken to the teachers about their problems and were ready to listen to the Gospel.

As I write these words to you, I am very tired and happier than I can express. We see and hear the fruit of your prayers. Thankyou!


Our last show was at an orphanage for street children. They represented many nations. Some could not tell you where they were from. There were 2 toddlers in the group with no siblings with them. Some had seen their parent kill the other parent. Most had experienced some form of abuse. The children often come to the orphanage with lice so many had their heads shaved. Their pain filled their eyes.

When I spoke about heaven as a place with no fear and no pain, a couple of children nodded their heads. You could tell that this sounded good to them. I explained to them that when you are forgiven you can forgive anyone anything. They have much to forgive, but they eagerly asked God to forgive them and called on Jesus to save them.

I am crying now for their deep hurt, but none of us cried when we were with them. We did our best to show them the love of Jesus and explain to them how much God has for them if they put their trust in His Son. Please pray for these children and the Christians who faithfully care for them.

Life is not easy at the orphanage, but it is so much better than living on the street. How does a toddler survive? The government gathered these children and brought them to the orphanage, but many more roam the streets. It is estimated that there are thousands of street children. Some were abandoned, but many cannot remember how they came to the streets. Please love them tonight with your prayers.


1. Can you imagine our joy as we listened to our friends here singing in Arabic, “I will follow you all of my life with no turning back. I love you my Lord Jesus.”?

2. Can you imagine our wonder at being allowed to tell these precious children here in the Middle East about Jesus Christ and His love?

3. Can you imagine our delight as we hear the children pray?

4. Can you imagine how difficult it is to follow Jesus in this place for many of your brothers and sisters?

5. Can you imagine your blessing in heaven some day as you faithfully pray for the children and our Christian family here?

6. Can you imagine how your committed prayers might change this part of the world?


Please remember to pray for the families of those who died in the plane crash. Ask the Father to send Christians to comfort these families and help them at this very difficult time.


In Jesus, Linda for Sam and Silvana