Dearest Friends,


We have just enjoyed another very sweet day. Three puppet shows today gave us the privilege of sharing with almost 600 children. God is blessing us beyond all measure. Today, the children laughed and cheered. Again, we heard many children calling on Jesus to be their King, to be their Savior. What a joy!

Again, most of the children at the first 2 shows were from Muslim homes. The children at the third show all lived in a very nice part of the town. Rich or poor, from Muslim homes or Christian homes, their need is the same. The need Jesus! Please pray for all of these children to grow strong in their new faith. Some will not be able to tell their parents who they met today.


1. A lady today in the bazaar thought that Sil was Arabic. She insisted Sil spoke Arabic to her.
2. An older man in the bazaar put a Lebanese hat on my head and called me a Lebanese princess. There are several problems with this statement. I told the man that I was too old to be a princess. He laughed. Also, the hat was black and pointed and of course, I was wearing a black dress. This is not my idea of a princess.
3. A little boy at the orphanage asked me if I was Chinese. I am guessing he has never seen a Chinese person.
4. I am trying my best to speak a little Arabic, but the lessons are not going well.
5. People here do not say Welcome. They say “You are welcome”. I think that this is beautiful.


1. Please pray for us tomorrow as we share with a group of Muslim women. They are having a graduation from a skills class and I have the honor of sharing. They are very poor ladies from difficult places and I need wisdom.
2. In the afternoon, the three of us are teaching preschool teachers at a Christian school to tie balloons. Most are Muslim teachers and we are doing this as a way to share with them how they can live with hope through faith in Jesus. Please pray that they will have open hearts. They have heard the Gospel many times, but have never heard with their hearts.
3. We have more puppet shows and training planned in the next few days. Please pour prayer on every opportunity that the Father will give us.

n Jesus,

Linda for
Sam and Silvana Shaw