Dearest Friends,

Two Muslim Ladies

Saahar and Abeer are two Muslim ladies that I met today. Saahar means “end of night and start of morning”. Abeer means “the smell of the flower “ . Both were graduating today with certificates in English from a women’s center. I was the guest speaker at their graduation. It was a great privilege.

The Father answered your prayers for today in a wonderful way. The ladies really listened as I spoke on Psalm 86 and 89 about the steadfast love of God. I watched their faces as I shared how God had shown me His steadfast love across every year and problem in my life. Some had tears in their eyes.

I wanted them to see that we are not that different. We share a love of family and friends. We dream of a great love story. We care about our children. I wanted them to hear how God could meet my needs and answer my problems so that they could believe God could take care of them. I believe from the conversations that I had after class with some of the ladies that they went home with real questions about Jesus. One lady told me that she had something to think about tonight.

Please pray for these ladies to return to the center tomorrow and next week and next month asking real questions about what they heard about Jesus. I have already received a thank you note over email from the director and she is encouraged by how today went.

When I finished, a lady asked me a question. She made a statement about Islam and waited for me to argue with her. I know that you prayed for me because I had a sweet answer and a sweet smile. This would have been bad if I had responded with a defensive spirit. I felt your prayers.

Teachers Training

Our program this afternoon was advertised as a teachers training seminar for the staff at a Christian school. However, many of the teachers are Muslim. There are just not enough Christian teachers to fully staff the school. However, since we were at a Christian school we had total freedom to talk about Jesus Christ. The teachers were very excited to be able to learn many new things, but we were more excited to be able to share with them about the Great Teacher.

Please pray for those who heard the Gospel today to receive Jesus as their Savior! They left the seminar very excited and thanked us profusely for our time. Pray that the Lord gives them a thankful heart for the Gospel.

Funny Things… Different Things

1 I often wear black clothes because the chalk dust from my drawings makes such a mess. I am usually one of the few people in the room wearing so much black. However, today at the Muslim ladies meeting I blended beautifully with the crowd. They were all wearing black. Several ladies told me how much they liked my dress. This was funny.

2 For lunch I ordered green steak. The translation was just a little off. It was actually a steak salad. It was delicious!

3 Sam made all of the teachers laugh at a training seminar when he told them he would demonstrate his ability to multi- task. He talked while tying a balloon.

4 The traffic here is crazy. I decided today that it requires much prayer to drive across town!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the two puppet shows that we have tomorrow and a 3 hour training time with Christians who work with children. Please pray for our time training our new puppet team on Saturday . We have a lot to teach and only a day to do it in.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam & Silvana