Dearest Friends,

Our New Team

We are so blessed by all we saw the Father do today and amazed at how wonderfully he answered your prayers. Today we trained some 36 people. We expected that maybe 10 would commit to puppet ministry after we spent a day training. However, most expressed an interest in forming a team. So, they may need to form 2 or 3 teams. More, most committed to help with their summer camps which is a big ministry here.

The following list will give you many reasons to praise God. It will give you much to pray about as you see some of the doors that the Lord is opening for future ministry.

Brothers and sisters attended the training from many Arab nations. Through their testimonies, we are all developing a different attitude about working in the Middle East. They are very relaxed and comfortable in sharing with both Sunni and Shia Muslims. Many had stories about great opportunities that they were having or had enjoyed among Shia families, those who support Hezbollah.

Already, we are planning a return trip to this place for next year. We hope to train a second team in the Northern part of the country. This nation is the most open and safest in the Middle East. There is the potential here for training people from all over this part of the world.


1 A young man gave me a red rose to thank me for what he had learned in the training session on Saturday. He smiled when I thanked him and said that older ladies seldom get flowers. His gift made me very happy.

2 One young woman invited us to Latvia to plant a puppet ministry. We have never worked in a Baltic state and have long prayed for a door into this part of the world. Please pour prayer on this opportunity.

3 Another gentleman got very excited and wants us to come to Kurdistan. He told us that they would love the program. He called me mother. His mother died when he was a baby. His father died after a long illness. Though he speaks in broken English, his heart shines through his words. He has a real passion for Jesus Christ and received the ministry tools that we gave him with joy. Please pray for God’s provision and safety for our friend. Often, he greets us by placing his hand on his heart. Truly, he touches my heart.

4 All of the people who came to the training seminar were so excited. Our “students” ranged in age from 10 to over 50. It was a great class and we expect that the Lord will raise up a great team, or teams from this group.

5 They had such joy as they tied the balloons and were eager to try the chalk and draw. Pray that their enthusiasm remains as they practice dozens of new skills.

6 We received an invitation to train a team in Baghdad. Though it is not possible now, pray for the Father to make it possible. Our friend, Pastor Ara really wants this ministry in his country for his children. Will you pray?

7 I met 2 little boys today at the training, Nader and Robert. They are from 2 different Middle Eastern nations. The boys are 11 and 10 and reminded me of my 2 sons, Josh and Matt. They were only 10 and 11 when they started the puppet ministry. I know that children can do big things for God! Please pray for these 2 boys to serve Jesus with passion.

Prayer Needs

My heart is very full. We are full of joy and looking forward to sharing in church tomorrow. We will be doing a puppet show for the children. I heard that many of the children who saw us at a school the other day wanted to see us again so they are coming to the church tomorrow. Please pray for this time with the children!

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam and Silvana