Dearest Friends,


The entire time that we have been in the Middle East, we have been looking for Arabic children’s music with a good beat to use with the puppets. We have some wonderful Arabic music for younger children, but we needed something special for the older children. More, we can only sing in Arabic where we plan to be next year. English was preferred in most of the schools in this city, so it has not been a problem.

This morning we attended a special children’s concert at a wonderful church. The man was so very talented, but so humble. His name is Nizar Fares and he graciously gave us permission to use his music in any Arabic speaking country. This is a huge answer to prayer. We are all so grateful for God’s kindness to us and His providence for our future ministry in the Middle East. The puppets will look great singing his music.


The Academic Dean of the seminary is also the pastor of the church we visited today. This afternoon, we enjoyed the most lovely lunch at his mother’s home. The house was more than a 100 years old and boasted a beautiful view from the balcony. We could see the sea as well as the bullet holes that marked the walls. During the war, Israeli tanks were stationed on the hill behind the house. During the fighting, the kitchen was destroyed.

The family was not home as they had fled to the mountains. We are meeting many Christians here who are often caught in the middle of others’ conflicts. They try to minister to all sides.

One young man from this church is a converted Suni Muslim. Just after the 2006 war, the Lord laid on his heart a desire to give an Israeli soldier a Bible. He risked his life to deliver this gift. Truly, we have met some amazing Christians in this place!

I really appreciated his mother’s hospitality. She is also a widow and uses her energy to help build the church through her hospitality. We spent the afternoon talking with new friends from Latin and South America and Middle Eastern countries. It was lovely!


The church did a terrific job advertising a puppet show that we did this afternoon. The church was literally exploding with children and young families. When they ran out of chairs, they put carpets on the floor for the children. The pastor was so happy. Everyone seemed to have the best time and more than half of the room was visitors. Muslim children and children from a Christian tradition attended. We invited all of them to put their trust in Jesus!
One young man encouraged me “to continue to wave Christ’s flag all over the world”. The he said that he would ask God to renew my strength so that I would rise up like an eagle and tell all the children about Jesus. I hope that the Father answers his prayers as I love this work! Each time that I stand in front of children, my heart is so full of joy. Thank you for sending me to this wonderful place. I want to encourage all of you who are reading this email that your prayers are much appreciated!


Tomorrow, Monday, we have puppet shows in schools with children from Muslim and Christian backgrounds. This is our last day in this country. We want to finish well! Ask the Father to call many children to Himself.

Please ask the Father to go ahead of us as on Tuesday we move to another country that is much harder for the Gospel.

Please pray for a possible opportunity in 2012 to go to Alexandria, Egypt and plant a ministry there. The delay is because we are waiting for our contact to finish seminary. Please pray!

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam and Silvana