Dearest Friends,


We are safely in another country. We left the place where cedars once were used to build the temple in Bible times and are now in the land where Joseph so long ago won favor with a king. How amazing to have this opportunity to share with children stories about Jesus in the Middle East.

Yesterday, at the airports, God answered all of our prayers. Silvana and I specifically prayed, asking for no additional charges for our bags. We were carrying a lot of equipment, as we are giving supplies to people in this place.

We clearly had too much luggage, but were shown great mercy. There were no charges.

Our second prayer was that when we went to get our visa for this country at the airport that we would have no problems. We asked God to not let them ask a single question. They asked nothing and we got permission to be in the country. Praise God!

To the children who are reading these emails, I want to encourage you to always pray about everything. God is concerned about the details in your lives. He will go ahead of you and always take care of you. Keep your eyes on Jesus!


Tonight, we will meet with brothers and sisters for training. Last night, we gathered with new friends and discovered that we had the same heart for telling children about Jesus. Together, we made plans for future ministry in this place, including a conference for children in 2011. You can start praying now!


This country has more professing Christians than any other nation in the Middle East; however they are still a small percentage of the population. The majority of this nation is Muslim. We are surrounded by mosques and always hear the call to prayer with clarity. It is a good reminder for me to pray to the one true God for this place. Are you praying for these children?

The Christians here face many problems. They can only have meetings in their church buildings. In addition to all of the procedures that normal churches require, they also face many government restrictions. It is possible for Christians here to face the most severe penalties if they do not abide by the government’s rules. Please hold them in your prayers.


On the edge of the city is a place where all the trash is taken. The adults and children sort through it, recycling what they can. The smell of garbage is overwhelming. We will be in this place, tomorrow, Thursday, to share with the children. More, we will be training and giving some equipment to those who work there with these precious little ones. Pray!


At 1:45am in the morning on Friday, we will go to the airport and begin our journey home. Please pray us safely home.

I have spent this day in bed. We had no plans until evening, so this was a perfect day to be sick. I have been in contact with a doctor friend at home. It appears that I have a viral infection and need your prayers.

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam and Silvana