Dearest Friends,


We finish our time in this country in the Middle East with all joy. This morning as I was preparing to leave for our last show, I was praying and asking the Father to do what I could not imagine at the program today. I knew that so many of you were praying for us and the children. Let me share with you how God answered our prayers.

As usual, we were told that we did not need translation, and usually this is true. The children hear speak English very well. However, this time we really needed it. The children spoke Arabic as a first language and French as their second language. English was their third language and some had only begun to study. Since I have only 2 words in Arabic and only a few more in French, we knew that we had to have help.

God was kind to us and the teachers agreed that we needed help. A good translator quickly appeared, with a very sweet smile. She translated into Arabic and did a terrific job.

There were over 600 children and teachers at the show. Many prayed out loud ,calling on Jesus to save them. It was beautiful! My translator was also touched by the prayer and asked me to write the words on paper for her. I explained that there was no magic or power in the words. She said, “I understand. It is all about the relationship. I want to teach the children to pray this way.” Please pray for her efforts to teach the children how to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior.

They have invited us to return next year. More, the nun that picked us up for the show was very kind to us and gave us many small gifts. The children presented each of us, including Sam, with the largest ,most beautiful bouquets of flowers. Each one was different. What a beautiful finish! In truth, as one friend wrote to me earlier today, it is a great beginning for many of these children.

There were children in the crowd from a Catholic tradition and many Muslim children. Schools present an amazing opportunity for the Gospel. Because of their tradition, the school gave us total freedom to share with the children. So many children heard about Jesus!


The little 5 year old daughter of one of the seminary students loves puppets and so her father brought her to the show yesterday at the church. Tonight, he came and spoke to us. He was so excited! His little daughter had retold the story to him perfectly today. More, she had started to pray differently. She thanked God for Jesus dying on the cross for her. Her father told us that they had not taught her to pray this way. She learned this during the Bible story. Praise God!

I was 5 years old when I trusted in Jesus. I am praying that she will grow up to tell many about Him. Please pray for her!


This is a children’s ministry whose name translates “a grain of wheat”. One of their team members came and met with us today and shared with us wonderful stories about what God is doing in the Middle East. They travel all over this part of the world sharing with children. As I listened to him share, I was reminded again that nothing is impossible for God.
We have heard so many stories about God’s moving in this part of the world. I have been so surprised and blessed by these testimonies. Please pray for the Christians here as many are doing so much for the kingdom. Also, please pray the work of Le Grain de Ble as this is important work that they are doing with the children.


By 7AM tomorrow morning, Tuesday, we will be in another country, one that is more difficult for the Gospel. Please pray that we will have no problems at the airport. Please pray for those that we will train and those that we will share with in 2 different areas.

Please thank God for our friend Gladys who could not have done a better job organizing this trip. Because of her love for the cross, we shared with thousands of children how Jesus could change their lives. More, we leave behind a new puppet team that is forming to share with thousands more children. I thank the Lord for Gladys!

I am also grateful to all of you who sent us here through your prayers and generous gifts. Please continue to pray!

Love in Jesus, Linda for Sam and Silvana