Dearest Friends,

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In the area of Namakkal, we visited two villages where over 100 years ago, Baptist missionaries planted churches. Today, the buildings remain, but precious few believers. The Christians in these villages are very few now and mostly old. Our friend Hanson, his father and others are working to nurture this fading light and share with new Christians.

In one village, we were received warmly. In the past, they had thrown rocks at Christians, but no more. In the second village, you could feel the darkness. Many of the adults were clearly not glad that we came. However, in both places, the children were very happy to see us. They were hungry to hear about the living God who gives hope. So many prayed with us! Praise God! These young believers are the hope of these very small, struggling churches. Please ask the Father to provide good Sunday school teachers for them

We always try to do our shows outside because this makes it easier for non-Christians to come. At the first village, people climbed a wall, stood in the trees, and watched from a nearby house. Dozens stood in the street at the second place. Believers emptied their houses of chairs and one lady brought her bed so that people could sit. I am always so delighted and amazed to see how God draws people to hear about Himself.


As the little church passed the offering plate, I watched people give sacrificially. Many of these people cannot find work every day. When they can get a job it is usually doing manual labor on a farm or at a brick factory. A man is paid 80 to 90 rupees a day and a woman 50 to 70 rupees a day for 8 hours of work. It takes 44 rupees to make a dollar, so you can see how little they make. It takes 80 rupees a day just to eat, but you would never be satisfied with their diet.

They live in homes with dirt floors,with only 2 rooms. A plastic yard chair is a luxury to many. It is brutally hot, but most would not have a fan. The water must be drawn from a well. The food is cooked over a fire.

Yet, when the offering plate was passed, they gave 10 or 20 rupees. They have so little, but they are eager to give. I have so much. You have so much. Are we eager to give? What will I sacrifice, what will you sacrifice so that these and other needy children around the world can hear about Jesus Christ?


Vijayalakmi is a lovely lady I met in a village. She loves Jesus. After the program, she rushed to see me. Her smile was beautiful! She asked for nothing. She was just very excited about what she had seen. She kept saying, “I am so happy! I am so happy!” May the Father give all of us such sweet joy for His stories.


In the West, we all talk about spiritual darkness and I know such darkness exists everywhere. However, it is darker here. I watched from the road as people went to a temple where a 2-storey tall idol stood. It was an eight-handed goddess, hideous in appearance.

We heard from a friend about Varanasa where the head waters of the Ganges River are located. Our friend said he saw naked monks covered in white powder. Partially cremated bodies were clogging the waters. Hindus see it as a holy place. They want their bodies placed there as they believe that they will go straight to heaven.

My soul weeps for India and this terrible darkness. The enemy’s lies are strong here, but God is stronger. Pray for His light to cover this land!

Please pray for my son Matt and his wife Jill. A Hindu temple group meets in the house next door to them. When a Hindu prays, whether he understands it or not, he calls on demons. It is unacceptable to have this happening so close to my little grandchildren. Please ask God to remove this evil from their neighborhood. Please pray for all the Hindus who attend that place to be delivered from darkness into God’s wonderful light.


We are down to our last 4 days and want to finish well. Please pray for strength and open doors. Ask the Lord to bless our 4 remaining classes with the students here at the Bible College and Seminary.

In Jesus,