Dearest Friends,


Perhaps some of you remember reading in a previous email about a radical Hindu party that opposes conversion to Christianity. They are the authors of the anti-conversion laws. If a Christian could be convicted of such a crime, a prison sentence could be the judgment.

Think about all these facts and see how amazing it is that we did a puppet show at a BJP school. Hundreds of children heard us speak about the one true God and His only Son, Jesus Christ. No, we could not pray with these children, but we explained to them how they could pray and put their trust in Jesus.

Sam, Silvana, Anna and I stand in awe of our great Father. He can do anything. All are amazed that such an incredible door opened. Please thank the Lord and pray for these children. Most were hearing the Truth for the first time. That is true for most of the places we have been. Pray!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam, Silvana, Anna, Hanson, Stephen