Dearest Friends,


If you have been delighted and blessed by the wonders that you have been reading about in our emails, you can praise God for the work of Asian Christian Academy, you can read more about this wonderful place by visiting their website,

Dr Joy George is the President of this ministry. He and his wife Leela love the Lord Jesus with a passion that challenges everyone they meet. They have a school with 1,200 students that covers kindergarten to tenth grade. They have an orphanage here, the House of Joy. Also, there is a Bible School and seminary where we have been teaching.

I have been working with these precious friends since before my husband Mike went home to be with Jesus. I have had many opportunities to observe their faithfulness. This year they opened doors for us to share with over 15,000 children, teenagers and adults.

Please contact them and ask them to share at your church. They come to the United States at least once a year. I thank the Lord that they are my friends and partners in reaching the children of India, Burma, and many other places for Jesus Christ!


By the time you read these words, we will be driving to the airport. It is Thursday evening here and we are about to spend around 18 hours on 2 airplanes. We arrive in Atlanta around 4:30 pm on Friday March 5th. Please cover our travel with prayer.

In Jesus,