Dearest Friends,


While in India, we did a puppet show at a Hindu school, one devoted to teaching Hinduism. We were the first Christians ever allowed in this school. The door opened because of a secret believer whose husband is still a devout Hindu. I spoke very briefly with her and she encouraged her by promising to pray for her. Will you please pray for her?

We told the children how they could trust in Jesus. They heard the entire Gospel and loved it. God is amazing! Only the Father could open such an impossible door. Praise God!


Each day we face an ocean of children who stare at us with dark brown eyes, hungry for hope. They are beautiful and in desperate need of a Savior. You cannot imagine how dark it is like to grow up surrounded by idols. Today, we heard so many children calling on Jesus to save them.

A Catholic nun was very excited at one show today. She placed a beautiful shawl around my shoulders to thank me and all of us for the program. This is a traditional way to show honor.

All of the schools are full of Hindu children, regardless of the kind of school. Please hold these children before the throne.


Many of you have been praying for our driver Ravi, a Hindu young man who was very kind to us. This morning, Anna prayed specifically for an opportunity to see him. When we returned to the campus, he was there.

All of us were so happy! Even better, he was going to drive a friend of ours a long way to a distant town. Please pray that he will be hungry to hear truth from our friend. We ache to know that Ravi trusts in Jesus.


Phyllis has a very appropriate last name as she is indeed a treasure! Phyllis came from New Zealand to India when she was 22, with a lifetime commitment to share Christ with these dear people. She is now 76 and still serving in Kerala State. As I listened to her sharing about problems she has faced through the decades, I was struck by her sweet spirit and unfailing confidence in the Lord Jesus.

For Phyllis, it was never about the people she worked with, where she slept, or what she ate. It was all about serving her Lord faithfully. Presently, there are almost 200 children in the orphanage she leads. Can you imagine how many lives she has touched with the Father’s love across more than 5 decades?

We are planning a trip to Kerala next year to plant a new ministry as a result of our time at Rehoboth with Phyllis. Please begin to pray for this new team. Thank the Father for a life of faithful service.


1.We were sharing at a Catholic school today and the principal, a nun, introduced me as Sister Linda. I had to explain that I was not a nun.
2.The other day, someone introduced Sam, Silvana and Anna as the European faction of the Agape Puppets. We are still smiling.
3.Here, we are Auntie Linda and Uncle Sam, Auntie Anna and Auntie Silvana.
4.Indian food is very tasty but very spicy. At a restaurant one day, I ate onions to cool down my mouth.
5.A 13-year-old boy wanted to show off his English to me today. He said, “Hi, Beautiful!”
A little girl at the same school told me something I loved. As we were leaving she shouted, “You are a nice grandmother!”


Tomorrow, Thursday night, we begin our journey home. We will arrive in Atlanta GA (or Paris, France) on Friday afternoon, March 5. Please pray us
“safe home” as they say in Ireland.

We have much to do before we leave. Please pray for the remaining 3 puppet shows and 2 classes that we have in the next 24 hours.

We have such joy! Praise God!

In Jesus,
Linda for