After a 2 hour flight followed by a 7 and a half hour flight, followed by a brief stop in Dafur, Senegal, followed by an 8 hour flight, and then a brief 3 hour flight, we arrived in Capetown. I had forgotten how long it takes to get here. It has been several years since I had the privilege to be in this beautiful country. I am so grateful that the Father has opened this door! This trip, we are working in Worcester, a beautiful place surrounded by huge mountains. The clouds sit on the tops of the mountains and create some amazing views.

This place is like many places in South Africa. It was described to us as walking in the 1st world and the 3rd world at the same time. Where we are staying is very western, but we worked today with children who live very different lives. Truly, they live in another world compared to the lovely homes and beautiful gardens we have seen.

We need you to pray! Though we arrived safely, the airline lost one large tub containing puppet equipment. The Lord was kind to us in that we have most of what we need, but we are missing my microphone, some puppets and other necessary equipment. Please pray that the airline can find this missing tub. It is critical that they locate it in order for us to have a full set of equipment.


The children that we were with today have such hard lives. All of their parents work on neighboring farms. Usually, their parents will not marry. Their homes are not safe places where a child can grow and discover God’s great love. There is a lot of alcoholism and many babies are born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Children usually leave school at about 13 or 14, often becoming involved with the wrong people.

Many walk 4km or more to school in the dark. The principal says that they make a human train with 2 children with reflective jackets at the front and back. In the middle are the passengers. It is not an easy walk as there are no lights in the country and no one has a flashlight. He said that they need 15 head lamps.

These children are poor, but blessed to have a principal who cares about them. He loves Jesus and welcomed us into the school. He gave us complete freedom to share with them.

They loved the puppets, and listened to the story and testimonies. When I finished the story, we heard so many children praying, calling on Jesus to save them. They left full of Joy. Praise God!

There is an after school program called “Treasure Kids”. I met the lady today and she promised to follow up with the children who made decisions for Jesus. She was very happy, but I was even more happy that she was there to love those children and teach them on a daily basis.

It has been a wonderfully sweet day as we also began training our new team. All of us need sleep, but we are blessed and beg you to pray for these dear children. Please also pray for our new team.

In Jesus, Linda for
Meg Abbott
Sam Shaw
Silvana Shaw
Billy Salinas