Yesterday was the best day! Our friends gave us 2 of the sweetest opportunities. We shared at 2 schools with over 1200 children. God poured His spirit on our time with these precious little ones and we heard hundreds calling on Jesus to be their Savior. I feel so blessed that I cannot find the words to describe to you the joy of my heart.

I always go into the crowd after a show to thank the children for listening. I am looking for another opportunity to speak one last word to them about Jesus. Children lined up to hug me. They said the most wonderful things. One little boy said “ That was the loveliest show we have had yet.” It is good to remember that you could be bumped from first place. So many children thanked me. Others begged for the pictures from the story. One little boy who is in a Bible class with our friend Pastor Cornelius at school, told him something wonderful after watching the show. He said,” I have been praying, but now I will pray more.” We always try to put some challenges in the program for the children who are Christians to encourage them to grow in their faith. It was sweet to hear this little boy’s testimony!


Last night was the most wonderful evening. We met with new friends to watch a rugby game. No, I don’t really understand the game, but I learned to cheer for the blue team. We all talked and laughed until late in the evening. How sweet it is to discover dear friend’s a world away from home.


Twice now we have met for training with our new puppet team. Please pray for this group of friends as God is calling them into ministry. Ask the Father to give them a clear vision for reaching the children for Jesus Christ. The schools are still open here to Gospel programs. They have an awesome opportunity.


April 30th my Mother celebrated her 85th birthday. I know Jesus because my Mother was faithful to share with me. She taught me about the steadfast love of God. Pleas join me in thanking God for my Mother’s life long example of faith.


1) Pray for the new puppet team that we want to see born in this place. Ask God to bring team members that are different ages and different colors. We want the new team to reflect the face of South Africa.
2) Pray for all the children that we plan to share with this coming week. Ask the Lord to give them open hearts for His truth.
3) Pray for the Lord to bless each one of us with wisdom. There are always so many details to sort in training and equipping any team. We need to know how to best answer each question.
4) Pray for the hundreds of children who publically called on Jesus Christ this week, asking Him to be their King and Savior. Ask the Father to connect each one of them with one of the many Christians He has placed around them so that they can grow strong in their new faith.
5) Please pray that our missing equipment is found. The airlines are not being helpful when it comes to helping us find our lost luggage.

Rejoice! Rejoice that the Father is calling so many children to Himself in South Africa! Praise God!

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam & Silvana Shaw
Meg Abbott
Billy Salinas