Today, one of the biggest rainbows I have ever seen stretched across the Breede River Valley. This valley is miles across, ringed with huge mountains that are topped with snow in the winter. The rainbows were so beautiful! It is fall here and some days it is cold and rainy. After a nice autumn rain, they say such rainbows are common. There was nothing common about this rainbow to me. As the day wore on, the rainbow stretched out flatter and I was looking through bands of color running across trees and fields.

As I looked at the rainbow, I thought of God’s promises. Today, I saw the Father write His promises on the hearts of the children at a rural school. They called on Jesus, praying our loud, receiving God’s wonderful promise of salvation. They were so happy. One little girl came running up to me after the show and said with the biggest smile, “My God bless you!” No, this is not an error. She said “my.” As she came to faith, He became her God!

We are blessed and happy and delighted with all we see the Father do as He calls children to Himself. They are from very poor homes and have so little in this life. Now, they have the promise of eternity and true riches in their hearts!

Please pray for them to grow strong in their faith and cling to all of God’s promises.


“Nicnacks” are a cheesy snack that everyone loves. However, to me they are the things you collect and put on a shelf.

A “jammerlappie” (sorry cloth) is a cloth that you use to wipe a table and clean up a mess. Billy was shaking the ketchup bottle and did not realize that the lid was just sitting on the bottle. We needed so many jammerlappies to clean up Billy.

The original people on the Cape were the Koi-san. The other day we saw a shelter like one they would have built. They always placed milkweed around the outside to keep snakes away. It worked! I have decided to invest in milkweed before I go to the Amazon in Brazil.

Samari ,a teenage daughter of our host family, was wearing a t-shirt that said “Jesus is my vonk.” It means that Jesus is my spark. The v is pronounced as an f.

A fairy glen is not a place where you can expect to see fairies. You go there to see elephants and lions.


Please pray about a problem that we are having in Brazil. We sent money to a bank in Brazil so that our Brazilian Directors could buy the tickets that we need to travel inside Brazil. They are significantly cheaper if you buy them in the country. However, the bank is requiring unexpected amounts of paperwork before they will release the funds for the tickets. Please pray about this important detail.

Please pray about our opportunities to share in the schools. Some doors are closing and we need you to ask the Father to hold open these doors.

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam & Silvana Shaw
Billy Salinas
Meg Abbott