Today, we did 3 puppet shows for more than 750 children. It was a wonderful day! The children loved the programs. At one program, they stood up and looked for Jesus as I was telling the story about Him. Then, the entire school clapped when Jesus saved Peter. At another program, the children stood up and danced as the puppets sang “Shackles”

I walked down the hall to one show with a little girl hugging me. She had seen us at another school. When we are out in the town, children sometimes come up and hug me. I wonder what their parents are thinking.

These children are precious. They love the stories about Jesus. Hundreds prayed out loud today, responding to what was news to so many of them. I told them that God sees them. He knows their names. You should have seen their eyes fill with wonder as they heard that God had a plan for each one of them.

They loved the story of Jesus feeding the thousands. The children receive porridge when they arrive at school and at noon they are given a plate of rice with a thick soup. For many of the children, this is their last meal of the day. It is no surprise that they loved the story of this miracle.

At one school, I felt impressed to share with a teacher after a show today my husband’s testimony. I talked with her about the peace the Lord gives and the hope of heaven. She seemed very touched , but said nothing. A few minutes later , she came over to speak to me. She said that last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They did what they could, but it is stage three. She is dying. She said that she thanks God for every day He gives her. She lives with hope and as the Father plans, she will die with hope….because of Jesus!

Rejoice! We are seeing the love of the Father poured on the children of South Africa. Tomorrow, we will go to a school that is not scheduled. We have been unable to reach the principal, so we just decided to get up, go, pray, and hope. Pray with us.

In Jesus, Linda for
Sam & Silvana Shaw
Billy Salinas
Meg Abbott