Dearest Friends,


We have received 3 wonderful answers to prayer. Thank you for being so faithful! Thank you for holding us before the throne!


Friday morning, we had no scheduled program, so we prayed ad went, hoping the principal would accept our offer of a puppet show. She said yes! We had the privilege of sharing with 86 children and heard many put their trust in Jesus. The principal was thrilled! She said that when Billy shared about how nothing is impossible for God, the Lord spoke to her own heart.

We only tried to get into this school because another place had cancelled. We made a plan, but God had a better plan. This opportunity was a very sweet answer to prayer!


Our second program was at a school that had originally denied us access. Now, they accept us. When we arrived, they told us these children suffer greatly at home. They are always hungry and often beaten, so they struggle to find any way to effectively discipline them. They told us not to expect them to listen and warned us that they are always the worst in assemblies.

This school has over 400 children, ages 5 to 8. Cornelius, a teacher friend, and I stood at the front of the hall as the children entered and called on God to cause the children to behave as a sign of His power to the teachers.

God beautifully answered our prayers. The teachers and the principal were stunned by the behavior of the children. It was a great testimony to them and encouraged them to consider the children’s need for Jesus. We heard the children praying in soft whispers, hungry for hope.

Please, continue to pray for these children and teachers to discover deep faith. We met a strong Christian teacher at the school who is committed to keep sharing Jesus with the children.


I am so happy to tell you that the bank has finally released the funds to our Brazilian Directors. The amount of documentation that they required for this transaction was impressive. At one point, it even looked as though they might send the money back to the United States and not deliver it to our friends. This money will be used to buy the tickets for travel inside Brazil to the Amazon Region. God is so gracious! We are very grateful for your prayers!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam & Silvana