Dearest Friends,


As usual, the trip was not what we expected. Delays in the Atlanta airport caused us to miss our flight to Dublin, Ireland. So, they flew us from Frankfurt , Germany to London, England. Weather delays made our flight very late and we arrived in Dublin almost 10 hours later than we had planned. All but one of our bags made the trip with us. We hope to see it today or tomorrow.

As soon as we were delayed, I began to pray for all the people that we would see that day. I asked the Father to show us why he had changed our plans. As I was talking with the 2 ladies who were trying to reroute us in Frankfurt, I saw God’s plan opening up. On Saturday, I had 2 long conversations with the people at the airport and a lovely couple waiting for a flight in London. I also spoke briefly with a man on the airplane about the joy of heaven. I wish that you could have looked into their eyes and seen the wonder and interest as they listened to stories about what God is doing in the lives of children around the world. Please pray for these who were kind to us and ask the Father to draw them closer to Himself. God is so good! We were delayed, but blessed.


Our adventure in ministry here began yesterday , Sunday, as we shared at a Sunday School in Northern Ireland. The time with the children was very sweet, but not without many opportunities to demonstrate patience. Some of the children were not committed to listening and were very good at attracting the attention of others. Some have real leadership potential. By the end of the program, I had one crying child, an nintendo, a boy who tried to run away from Sunday School, and a great desire to see all of these children meet Jesus. Please pray for these children to find their joy and purpose in following Jesus.

Our second show was on the streets of Bangor ,Northern Ireland. I love the street shows. You never know what will happen and so you are always praying. Because you are always praying, you see with different eyes. So many people were out enjoying a rare warm and sunshine filled day. So many of them stopped to listen to the band, watch the puppets, and hear a Bible story. Please pray especially for David. He is a homeless man that attended the show last night and gave me a thumbs up with a thank you for the Bible story. He began to drink when his wife left him 8 years ago. Before that happened, his life looked very different. A friend hopes to meet with him today. Please pray for David to find his peace in the cross.


We will being doing shows all week for children on vacation. Please cover these times with prayer. Always pray for the weather…no rain as most of these shows are outside. Please ask the Lord to gather the children and give them ears to listen.
Each evening, we will be in Belfast working with children who have been taught to hate. This is the only life that their parents know.Pray for us to be light in the dark.

In Jesus,Linda for all of the Irish team