Dearest Friends,

Would you tell a story for just one child? God sweetly reminded me to see the infinite worth of each child. We were at a caravan park, doing a program for a good size group of children and a few adults. It was all going very well until the snack shop opened. Just as I was two-thirds into the Bible story and getting to the really good part, all of the children jumped up to go and buy snacks. I was shocked and sad. Many of these children were from places where they do not normally hear the Gospel.

I confess that my eyes were not where they should have been. I thought to stop and hope for their return, but Sam urged me to continue. It is good to travel with wise friends so that when your eyes are not where they should be, they can help you see. Please pray for the two remaining shows at the caravan parks.

I looked again and realized that one little blonde haired girl had not moved. Three adults stood standing and listening. With enthusiasm, I continued. Many of the children who left never returned. God had other plans. The little girl and the adults were joined by others. So many came and went, but we also had so many ways to share. The hope of Jesus was presently through music, testimonies, a story, and balloons. God is so faithful, even when I am faithless. Praise Him!

This little boy that we are with every evening in Belfast continues to amaze me. Last night, I was leading the children in prayer. No one said anything. I continued and the most amazing thing happened. Little Luca began to pray very softly, giving the other children courage. Loudly, they called on Jesus to save them.

I thought it was so sweet that God used a little child to lead the other children. Please pray for our remaining two nights with these children.

In Jesus,
Linda for,
Sam and Silvana
And Heather