Dearest Friends,

Luca’s Story

Luca is a “wee” Irish lad with brown hair and a sweet smile. He lives in the Shankhill Road section of Belfast. This is an area well know during the years of “the troubles”. It is not an easy place to live. More churches are closed then open. Children grow up knowing more about hating than loving.

In this place, there are five sweet older ladies and one gentleman who love Jesus and care about the children. They are all in their 60’s 70’s or 80’s. It is raining and cold here tonight, but they were not at home enjoying their tea. Instead, they were out with us. Their love for God motivated them to leave their nice warm homes. I recommend their behavior to all of us. They challenge me not to seek comfort, but to look for opportunities to serve my king.

Luca was at the puppet show tonight because of their deep love for Jesus. In the clearest sweetest voice, he prayed out loud. He asked Jesus to be his Savior. Luca was the only voice praying. He was all alone in the group and the youngest, but he never faltered.

Heather said to me tonight that hearing children praying, asking Jesus to be their Savior is her favorite sound on earth. I agree with her.

We will be with these children for 4 nights. I am telling a group of stories aimed at teaching the children how to walk with Jesus.


Children from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland were at the puppet show we did this morning. Even some of their parents came. It was a very sweet opportunity to tell them about Jesus. I was telling them how Zacchaeus could see Jesus coming down the road from high in his tree. I look down as though I was Zacchaeus seeing Jesus. Several of the children turned to look for Him. I smiled. It makes happy that they were so caught up in the story. It makes me weep that they have so little knowledge of the Bible. Please hold these children before the throne. God knows their names. Ask Him to call them all to faith. Tonight I told them how Daniel had the courage to do the hard thing, to stand for God and face the lions. I believe that Luca was listening. Even when an older boy laughed as he prayed, he continued.

Please hold Luca and all of these children in your prayers. May we all have little Luca’s courage to stand alone for Jesus. Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be in another one of these places. Pray!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam and Silvana
And Seth