Dearest friends,

I have the most amazing stories to tell you! Internet access is very limited here, but I wanted to send you a quick update. We have so much to thank God for. Here in Tralee, we are seeing hundreds of people gather in the street to listen to an Irish Christian band, Reality, watch puppets and listen to Bible stories. All around them there are many other choices, several stages with bands and all kinds of other activities. Still, they stand in the street and listen. Only God can do this.

We all believe that He is calling many people to Himself in this place. Even the weather here has been a gift. In the seven years that we have worked in this place, we have never enjoyed so much sunshine. Because of all the beautiful weather, the crowds have been enormous. We’ve also enjoyed our share of drunks and people shouting at us, but none of it seems important when you see the way the crowds are listening to the Gospel. One night when Seth was doing the big bear puppet, a boy came up and punched the bear in the nose. It would not have been so bad, except he had the bear on his head. He was so excited because now he says he has a great story to tell at mission conferences.

The children sit in the road and on the sidewalk and pay complete attention. Their eyes lock on me and I can see that God is touching their hearts. I am in awe of the Father. The children do not even seem to hear all the other noises. How is this possible? Only Jesus can do such a wonder.

Please keep praying as we return to the streets twice today. Your prayers are opening an incredible door.

In Jesus,
Linda for all of us