Dearest Friends,


We are all so happy with the things that we have seen the Lord do this week. It has been a very sweet time. Tonight, as we finished in Belfast, we gave the children each a copy of the Gospel of Luke that was illustrated. Inside was a message to the children that we wrote about Jesus. We wanted them to leave with something that they could hold in their hands. More prayed tonight. This is simply a place where you do not expect children to pray out loud. We are blessed! Enjoy the following list!

1. Realizing that there were many children in the area of Belfast where we were working that needed to hear about Jesus, I asked the Father to double the number of children attending. Last night, God graciously gave us twice the number of children. Praise God. I should have asked God to multiply by 3 or more. Ask God to increase the faith of these children. Ask God to also increase our faith. Praise Him for all the children that we are seeing.

2. Our last caravan show was the very best. Children from more than a dozen Northern Irish cities and even a boy from Australia attended. Many parents came as well. They all listened so well. It was a sweet out pouring of God’s spirit. Thank you for praying so that many could hear about Jesus. They stayed even when it began to rain. God is so good!

3. One little boy named Race received a balloon and was so excited. He tucked it in his jacket and zipped it up to protect his balloon dog. He had the biggest smile.

4. Children rushed up to me after a show to say thank you.

5. Daily, we have heard children asking Jesus to rescue them.

6. This is a beautiful place! Each day the world is a hundred shades of green. We have all enjoyed the mountains of Mourne which go down to the Irish Sea. Creation screams our Father’s love as each day we see something more beautiful!


Each day, we have been meeting with John Moxen, Director of Murlough House for Bible study. This has been a very blessed time. The first day John shared his testimony, how he walked with the Father through the death of his baby daughter, the death of his 11 year old son, and his sweet wife Barbara. John shared his joy as God brought his second wife Jo into his life. He taught the young people about the importance of having a quiet time. We studied many scriptures, but finished today in Genesis. John is now 75 and has devoted his life to serving the King. We were all so blessed!


Tomorrow, Friday, we will join with our friends in the Irish Christian band Reality. We will begin our ministry in Tralee at the Rose Festival. All of us are even listed on their web page in the official schedule.

Perhaps you think that this seems a strange place for us to be going to do ministry. However, we will have access to tens of thousands of people who will come to the festival. Many are from backgrounds where knowledge of Jesus Christ is not a part of their life experience. At the festival, there will be lots of drinking and all the behaviors that go with that choice. It is a dark place. Please pray for God to make us light.

We will be doing shows on the street Friday night, twice on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Please pray for dry days and nights. Please pray for us to see with our Father’s eyes.

In Jesus, Linda
for Sam, Silvana, Heather, Mykayla, Seth and Krista