It is very late, but I cannot sleep because my heart is so full. Tonight, all of the Reality team members and the puppet team met together for a farewell dinner. Sam smoked a turkey and 2 roasts and everyone else brought deserts and salads. We had a feast. However, the real feast of the evening was not the food as much as the love we shared.

This is our seventh year working together and we are full of wonder at all we have seen God do. All of us are very tired, but even sadder that our time together is ending. When our friend John Moxen was saying the blessing tonight , he commented that he could feel the spirit of unity and love that we shared. It is this work of the Holy Spirit that has made this adventure so sweet.

Working with these friends is very easy. We feel like a family and we seek to love each other well. Though we are from different countries and many ages [ok I am the oldest], all of us desperately want to tell people about Jesus. There is no ego involved as we plan each outreach. We try new things and if they work…we do them again. This trip, we have tried out a lot of new puppet music and some new puppets. God has been kind to us! They worked brilliantly. Praise God! Normally, I would say awesome, but brilliant is used here more often here. However you describe this trip, it has blessed and encouraged all of us.

My friends here all work regular jobs and did this trip as their vacation. When you plan a vacation, do you think of standing in the rain and having people walk by and yell at you? Do you look for church floors to sleep on? Do you expect to need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Their love for Jesus challenges me to love Jesus more. Please ask the Father to give them extra strength this week at work.

More importantly, we have had the joy of sharing with thousands and thousands of people. The band gave away over 5000 CD’s of their music and we gave away many tubs of children’s books . All the CD’s also had a testimony recorded on them from an Irish Christian friend and were given with a written explanation of the Gospel. Our books all had letters to children explaining in simple words how a child could meet Jesus. Please pray for all who received these books and CD’s. I want to see heaven full of people that we met on these streets!

My friend Dana was sharing with me tonight about John Wesley’s conversion experience. Wesley was reading 2 Peter1:2-11 when the Lord spoke to him. He wrote in his journal these words … “it came to me, that I, even I could be saved.” His heart’s desire was to live and die with “a burning heart”. What is your heart’s desire? May the Lord consume all of us with a desire to serve and obey.


Again on Sunday morning, we were blessed with an amazing time with the children. We did 2 puppet shows at Saint Mark’s in Dublin and heard so many children calling on Jesus to rescue them. Loudly, they asked God to forgive them. Please pray for them to become bright lights for Jesus in Ireland.

On Thursday, September 2nd, we will be home. A they say here, please pray us “safe home”. Ask the Father to make us a bright light to all we meet along the way.

In Jesus, Linda …
for Reality and The Agape Pupp