I am thrilled to report that in the early hours of the morning little Aiden Riley Summer came to join us. My youngest son, Matt, and his wife Jill are very happy to have their third son finally arrive. Please pray for Aiden to come to faith at an early age and love Jesus Christ with his whole heart.

Just before I left for Ireland, I was visiting with MMatt and Jilll, Luke and Ian. Luke is the oldest and has just turned 4. We were having the best time playing together. When it came time for me to leave, he was unhappy. He begged me not to go and asked why I had to leave. I told him that I had to go and tell children in Ireland about Jesus. He said,"Don’t go tell them. stay with me." His deep love for me touched my heart. In his world, I am important. Though he is too little to understand many things, he does understand the joy of being with someone you love. I have thought so much about Luke on this trip as I have been with an ocean of children who do not have the loving home he enjoys. He is very blessed and someday, when he is older, I hope to bring him and his brothers to Ireland to tell children about Jesus. Then, I will not have to say goodbye!


For a long time , we have needed to add lessons to our website on how to tie balloons, do testimonies and puppets. This would be very useful to teams overseas that we are training. It would give them help when we go home. We have spent today recording these lessons. It has taken us hours but I believe that it will be a great help. Praise God!


Tomorrow, the young people will enjoy their first full day off since we came to Ireland. We plan on showing them some of God’s spectacular creation on the North Coast. We will visit Dunluce Castle, Carrick-A-Rede bridge, and Giant’s Causeway. Early in the morning at 2AM, we will travel to the airport in Dublin, arriving in Atlanta,Georgia Thursday afternoon. Keep praying!

In Jesus,Linda for The Agape Puppets and Reality