I am in the place of my dreams. We prayed for this door for many years. We are in the north of the country, working among Sunni Muslims, Alowaites, and Greek Orthodox. There are 800,000 Sunni Muslims spread across many villages with only one evangelical church with 32 members. All of the schools, even the government ones are open to us. Today, we heard Alowaite children calling on Jesus. Praise God!

We are high in the mountains and it is cold. The electricity often goes off. The schools do not have heat. This not an easy place for children and we are happy to be here.

I can respond to emails on my phone, but we are having trouble with internet access. Weather you hear from us or not, please pray for us. Even the Sunni communities are allowing us to come. Everywhere we can invite the children to pray

Rejoice that we finished our time in the city with two puppet shows where many children came to faith. The school was so happy that they have asked us to return next year. They want to invite nearby government schools to come and use their auditorium. So many doors are opening!

Our time with the Muslim preschool teachers was cancelled when the schools closed early. They are located in a sensitive area. The present political sitiuation has made them concerned potential problems.
Please pray for these dear children in the mountains. They are precious to the father! Please ask God to bless this last week of our adventure.
Love in Jesus,
from Linda, Jared, and Padraig