Dearest friends,


If you woke up Wednesday night, moved to pray for us, I know why. We were literally under a mosque at a school. The pastor had received permission to come. We were in an all Muslim village and with pastor Shaddi’s Blessing, we told the children about Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross. And then, to all of our suprise… they began to pray. I asked God for miracles, but He is doing more than we can ask or imagne. As we finished, we heard the Muslim call to prayer above us. We serve an awesome God!


Karen is a precious little 4 year old girl. Her parents love Jesus very much and are part of the 32 members who are the village church where we are working in the mountains. They are a bright light for Jesus in the dark.
Her parents invited us to dinner. We made balloons for her and she was so happy. To thank us she sang for us. She sang "I love Jesus better than chocolate." They tell me this is a middle east original.

In Jesus
Linda for,
Padraig and Jared